Inspired by travel, photography, music, culture and creativity as well as the people that surround them, Float is a collaboration of two friends wanting to express their lifestyle through a brand.

Created in early 2016, the name “Float” was agreed upon on the basis that both partners did not want to be labeled or categorized. This attitude, to float between the stereotypical societal labels, allows for individuals to balance their interests, surrounding themselves with different people, being forever intrigued and constantly fascinated. 

The Float mission is to merge style and functionality into a lifestyle that transcends the norm.



We represent the youth of today. Instead of succumbing to the societal norm, we prefer rather following passion, creating dreams and having fun. We want to live in a society that is not dictated to us, rather live in a society where our daydreams can be a reality. We wish to establish and connect a community of like minded people by creating a platform that combines various interest and passions, thereby allowing individuals to feed off each other, create exposure and bring people together to harness their skills. From having a creative eye to having a great ear for music, from surfers to skaters and everything inbetween we wish to form this platform to push ideas further and create a community that can adopt the Float Life.




We focus on creating quality with limited numbers, so that you get a piece that is unique and non-mass produced. Designed and produced from start to finish in the Mother City – Cape Town, South Africa. All our threads are designed by us, made with 100% cotton and printed with organic ink. Each piece is constructed with a commitment to high quality with the hope that the brand can live with you forever.

All items are made with a focus on ethical production methods. Float Apparel takes a sustainable approach. We are current a part of a movement to become fully sustainable, a journey we are excited in fulfilling.